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Time and Money

We offer two levels of service:

 Copy Editing, where we correct grammar, punctuation and vocabulary;

 Style Editing, where we correct grammar, punctuation and vocabulary, and re-write if necessary to improve the clarity, style and flow of your writing. Most people need style editing.

How long will it take?

24 hours if your documents are less than 2000 words. For longer documents, we will make special arrangements to suit you.

How much will it cost?

Rates are negotiated based on the level of editing required, the technical difficulty of the translation, and the quality of the original translation.

Free Trial

To demonstrate our ability to edit your document to your entire satisfaction, we are happy to carry out a free trial. (Up to 1000 words).

Special Offer

We give a 15% discount to all first-time users.

Free Estimate

If you would like an estimate, without any obligation, you can send us a sample of previous material, together with the word count of your final document. We will then assess it and give you a price.

How to Send Your Documents

You can send us your documents by e-mail, as attached files. MS-Word, PowerPoint, Excel and plain text files acceptable.