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Our 'X' Factors


Codex Editing Services has been in business since 1998, but most of our editors/revisers have been actively involved in translation revision, editing, proofreading and rewriting for at least 15 years (in some cases, much longer).


Our large team of highly qualified proofreaders and editors offer specialist skills and knowledge in such fields as business, marketing communication (Marcom), IT, advertising, medical/pharmaceutical, legal, academic, scientific, technical and industrial. Personnel include journalists, copywriters, scientists, computer programmers, doctors, lawyers, patent attorneys, published writers, engineers and many other professionals.


You want accuracy, care and attention to detail. We take pride in our commitment and proven ability to deliver those attributes. All documents are double-checked and cross-checked by the chief editor, to ensure that the work returned to the client is always of the highest possible standard.


We appreciate your need for quick processing and return of translated documents, and we respect practical deadlines. We are not constrained by office hours, and thanks to our location in New Zealand (where the new day begins), we can offer you the advantage of time-zone differences.


Codex editors, rewriters and proofreaders never settle for "OK". We know that our success depends on exceeding your expectations and enhancing our reputation. In the event you have questions about our work, we will cheerfully revisit it, at no extra cost.


Sometimes a translation might require further research to clarify terminology or improve accuracy of communication. No problem. Our team members are skilled at, and enjoy, searching the Internet, reference books and library resources for helpful information on the topic of a document.


If your document is intended to be read by English speakers, it makes sense to have it edited or rewritten by literate, accomplished native English writers who can transform the literal translation into contemporary, idiomatic and grammatical prose that reads well and communicates effectively.


Why did we alter that sentence construction, substitute that word? We will always give you supporting reasons for significant changes or suggestions, so that you can decide to agree or disagree.


Do you need more than standard proofreading and/or editing? Our experts can work with the basic translated material to substantively rewrite any document, brochure, presentation, press release, article or advertisement from a native English perspective.

 Expensive? No!

We invite you to compare our rates with any similar provider of these services. Because we have minimal business overheads, we can offer world-class service at world-beating low prices. And we are happy to negotiate special bulk rates to suit your budget.