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Editors with Specialist Knowledge and Experience

Nigel Hooper - Chief Editor

B.A. English literature, Auckland University. Worked 9 years in Japan: 3 years as a teacher and 6 years as the International Liaison Officer for Chisso Corporation. Seven years' experience working for Japanese translation companies. Wide experience in all areas of editing, proofreading and rewriting. As well as editing documents himself, Nigel double-checks all the work done by his team, and consults with numerous specialists and academics to ensure that documents are revised to the highest possible standard. The strength of the service lies in this double- and cross-checking, together with the extensive expertise of the team.


Thank you for your interest in Codex Editing Services. We are privileged to have become a regular and trusted supplier of English translation revision, editing, proofreading and rewriting services, both in association with leading translation companies, and directly to major corporations, government departments and educational institutions.

We take pride in the informational, grammatical and typographical accuracy of our finished documents. And, as chief editor, I take a personal interest in every assignment, both before and after it passes through the capable hands of one of our experts.

A major reason for our success is the caliber and commitment of the Codex team - mature, accomplished professionals who combine experience and knowledge in one or more specialist fields with a passion for accurate, grammatical, clear, concise and reader-friendly written language. They are all native English speakers and writers.

This means that you can have your translated documents proofed, edited/rewritten and refined by a person who knows and understands your specialist area of activity, and is well-versed in the particular terminology and style of language and presentation that apply to that field. And you can be confident that your revised document will communicate effectively with its intended readership, whilst maintaining the meaning and integrity of the original material.

Whatever your English language needs, Codex can satisfy them. Our motto is: We help you say what you mean.

Why not put us to the test. We look forward to showing you what we can do.